Welcome to My World!


"Shameera sit... Sit!... SIT!!!"

Uhm, no thanks? I can just stand here and look pretty. I mean look at everyone, they're all staring at me! So why not stand and look pretty for them?

Well blah. I can do it, I've got my "Rally Advanced" Title, and I'm working on... whatever the next one is. I even got second place when there was quite a bit of competition! My favorite part was getting the toys though. They're so much fun!

This is me on the ring: Rally Pictures

Rally Down/Sit sign Rally Down/Sit sign

Another "Sit"...
Rally Call 3 Back/Sit Front Sign

Oh wait, isn't it that sign that I do NOT like?
Rally Call Front sign .

Too many "sits"... 5? Or 4? Can you count?

"Call Dog Front Finish Right"... What do you want???